"I really enjoy my sessions with Craig. For me it is not a heady academic ideology nor end-gain, but rather a growing integration of awareness of my posture, movement, and how I respond and orientate myself in this world in a more easeful and happier way.This didn't happen overnight but it is happening even when I'm not aware. I look back and can say I've made progress and am enjoying the journey. Thanks Craig!"

Philip Jameson - Wellington

"Craig’s ability to work with me from where I am is one of the main ways he supports and facilitates my learning about being in a human body. Even with all my hang ups and body image stuff he approaches the sessions with a gentle yet firm manner which is comforting and still enough of a push to explore further than I would have done habitually on my own.

Craig guides without dictating, to get me to move in new ways is really helpful, and the awareness of movements I gain are quite profound. I find new movements and the old movements of my habits of moving and holding my body too rigidly, this awareness has helped me free my body and from that, free my mind. This work has affected all these levels of my body and mind; it is a holistic and profound technique, and Craig is a great guide."

Aaron Frater - Wellington